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“This book has wonderful detailed information to really help you navigate through the Southern Alsace area. It is a great guide to help find those “hidden gems” that are sometimes obscure if you aren’t familiar with an area. I would recomend this book to anyone who plans on exploring the Alsace! I am an expat living in Aesch and have found it to be a very useful tool.”  Kerry E., Basel, Switzerland

I just wanted to let you know that I am thankful everyday for your book!  It has helped me feel a lot more confident and comfortable in my new surroundings.”  Ajanta H., Basel, Switzerland

A great informational and consumer resource for shopping, dining and so much more in southern Alsace. I can whole heartedly recommend this wonderful resource for anyone looking to take advantage of what our very close and accessible neighbor has to offer.Lena C., Basel, Switzerland

Downloaded this on my Kindle for iphone so its super handy when I need it!! Kristin H., Basel, Switzerland

“Great under-the-radar tips for exploring Alsace from Susie Woodhams and Amanda Vo Park!” Anita Lee Breland, writer and founder of AnitasFeast.com

“I am very excited to check out some the chicken/turkey farm and the organic butcher! Didn’t know about the weekend markets either.” Robyn S., Basel, Switzerland

“It’s intensively covered, very clearly written and thoroughly explained. Very useful as a guide. Crossing from Swiss side to France side, everything is exactly as written. Thank you.” Calvin S., USA, Basel Tourist

I’ve come close to making it into France, and if and when I finally make it there, hopefully Alsace included, this terrific book will go with me everywhere. It’s a delightful read, rich in detail and nuance. I was attracted to this book not only for its subject matter but because of my admiration for one of the authors, Susie Woodhams, who I’ve long known to be a wonderful writer and reporter. She and Amanda have nailed it with this book. Consider it an expert tour guide’s appreciation of all things Alsace, complete with sights, sounds, history and culture. ”  Mike T., USA

This is a tremendous book for both expats and even many local European who may not know much about Southern Alsace, a great place to visit and get to know. The book is expertly written, and covers all aspects of southern Alsace. It is rich in details; it would indeed be difficult to find a subject that the book does not cover. For expats who may live near southern Alsace, this book should be invaluable in knowing in detail what southern Alsace is all about and allow them visit the area with foreknowledge. Every aspect is covered. The authors are to be congratulated for producing such a wonderful guide, one that should be very valuable for expats and even many locals. Kumok P., Boston, USA


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